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The Formulation Station is a state of the 
art dry dispersion chemical batch maker. 

This unit is designed to blend the dry dispersion 
mixes into ready to use liquid water treatment.


One button automation allows the user to make a 30 gallon drum of boiler, cooling, or closed loop treatment.

  • 1st Step:  Set the timers for the products.
  • 2nd Step:  Push button, unit fills with water.
  • 3rd Step:  Add dry dispersion mix.
  • 4th Step:  Mixer automatically engages.
  • Ready to use.



  • COOLTRON: Moly-Based Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor.
  • COOLTRON PLUS: Economical Non-Moly-Based Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor.
  • BOILERTRON: All-in-one Sulfite, Phosphate, and Alkalinity.
  • TRIANODIC: Nitrite-Based Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitor.
  • QUADANODIC: Moly-Based Closed Loop Corrosion Inhibitor.
  • BIOTRON: Biocide and Algaecide.
  • Many more custom blends are available.


  • One ten pound "Life Latch" container is equal to a 30 gallon drum of conventional liquid product.
  • There is no solubility issue dependent on incoming water temperatures.
  • Stable chemical not affected by hot boiler rooms.
  • These products are all non-hazardous and can be shipped anywhere via UPS or FedEx!

It is that simple!

Several models and controller options are available, to address a variety of batching needs.

  • Electronic remote communications.
  • Control multiple towers or boilers from one control.
  • On-board history graphics.
  • Off-site monitoring.