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Formula 3581 "Green Hornet"      




Formula 3581 


Beyond Green - Organic

Scale Inhibitor, All Natural

Renewable, Sustainable, Biodegradable


Product Benefits

Formula 3581 is an all natural plant extract that has been modified to provide a "green" chelating agent.  The product prevents formation of crystal surfaces for further precipitation.  In elevated pH levels, calcium tends to precipitate.  Formula 3581 will keep the calcium in solution.  This source is renewable and sustainable.  The benefits of this biopolymer based treatment is the inherent biodegradability.

Principal Uses

Formula 3581 functions as a scale, corrosion, and fouling control agent for use in open recirculating cooling water systems.  Formula 3581 is designed for cooling systems with water temperatures below115 degrees Fahrenheit and is effective over a broad range of application parameters.

General Description

Formula 3581 is an environmentally safe, liquid blend of scale and corrosion inhibitors with dispersants.  For general descriptions of the chemical and physical properties, please refer to the Formula 3581 Material Safety Data Sheet.


For effective results, the recirculation water characteristics must be kept within specific ranges. The starting dosage is 1 pint to 2 pints per 1000 gallons of system water.  The hardness test is used to monitor the dosage rate per cycles of concentration.  Your BROCHEM representatives will recommend optimum operating conditions and product usage to ensure maximum program performance.


Formula 3581 may be added directly to the system as received or in water dilution.  Recommended application method: automatically, via a proportional-to-makeup chemical feed system.  Formula 3581 must be maintained at a continuous level for maximum effectiveness.

Handling and Storage

For complete handling and storage information, please refer to the Formula 3581 Material Safety Data Sheet before using this product.  The recommended in-plant storage limit is six (6) months.

Shipping and Packaging

Formula 3581 is shipped from manufacturing and local distribution centers in bulk and in 55, 30, 15, and 5 gallon plastic drums/pails.

To order:

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